The unique skills required from a superior building firm to complete residential & commercial projects remains highly valuable in the Fairbanks North Star Borough area.  Our commitment to obtain the highest levels of quality, material, workmanship, and responsiveness in every project we complete is what continually sets Blanket Builders apart from other local builders.  Our work originates from continual repeat or past clients through our dedication to service, quality and integrity.  Put our experienced and highly trained staff to work today for you.  



Prime Months: Apr-Sept
  • New Construction
  • Foundations
  • Landscaping/Decks
  • Additions
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Prime Months: Aug-Oct
  • Military
  • Small Business
  • Insurance
  • Dirt Removel
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Restoration/RemodelIn Season


Prime Months: Sept-Apr
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Roofs
  • Fire/Water Damage
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What Can We Help You With?

A small list of the things we like helping you with the most.



As an Interior Alaska Building Association member, each residential home that is designed and constructed by Blanket Builders is held to the highest standard of quality and backed by Fairbanks’ most trusted Green Living and code review experts.  We will strive to ensure the finished project will be properly constructed, elegant and held to the highest energy rating available. We can design your dream home, of if you’ve already got plans, we can built that too. [ View All Projects ]


Having completed several new and remodel projects for our local businesses and military personnel, we have provided them with gorgeous new spaces while displaying the well know finishing touches of our highly talented staff that have kept us in the forefront of commercial projects for the past 30 years in the Fairbanks area.  We are proud to say we are helping our city grow by one office, hospital, hanger or school at a time. [ View All Projects ]


You never know when disaster will strike, but rest assured whether you’re a new client, or one of our hundreds of loyal “friends,” when it hits your home or business, Blanket Builders will be there.  Having the experience and talented staff to rebuild, repaint, replace and recreate your home, business or commercial space can prove invaluable.  Blanket Builders has a good standing relationship with most major insurance carriers locally. [ View All Projects


It’s no secret that remodeling is the go to “Do-It-Yourself” project for any homeowner.  But what if you could leave it to the trusted hands of a builder who has always believed that doing things right the first time never goes out of style.  We’ll handle each phase of the remodel project with as little or as much hands on teamwork from you.  Our committment to quality helps us easily retain highly trusted licensed professionals so we can ensure we can handle any remodel project, small or big, with the expertise and quality of finish you deserve. [ View All Projects ]


A picture is worth a thousand words; True.  A great kitchen on the other hand, is priceless.  Whether you’re a constant entertainer, a novice bread maker or simply the family food preparer, the perfect kitchen can provide you with the space, design and tools to release your inner chef.  Rich textures.  Dynamic colors.  Stunning appliances.  Exquisite hardwoods.  The details of your Blanket Builders built dream kitchen are right at your fingertips. [ View All Projects ]


Whether you’re after a new walk in closet with high quality shelving and expansive space, or you’ve always been dreaming of a brand new Jacuzzi tub, your bathroom is a staple of your home.  Besides providing a great resale value, your bathroom can be quite possibly the single most important room in your home.  Give it the attention it deserves, let the team at Blanket Builders help design, remodel and deliver the bath of your dreams. [ View All Projects ]