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AHFC Introduces $10,000 Six Star Rebate

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Under new program changes adopted by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC), beginning July 1, 2013, Alaska homeowners participating in the Home Energy Rebate Program for new construction may qualify for a “6 Star” energy rating. The sixth star will be awarded for homes that meet the highest energy rating, and may be rewarded with a $10,000 rebate. Read More

30-Story Buidling Built in 15 Days

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It’s not often you come across such an amazing collection of planning, manpower and execution as this video I found while searching for building videos.  It appears to have taken place in China, where a firm sought out to construct a 30 story building in 15 days or less (then, a record).  Amazing, and perfect planning for our short construction season here in Fairbanks.

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